Man, what a few weeks it has been…


Apologies that I kind of fell off the posting bandwagon as of late.  I kind of got hyper-focused on my health and wasn’t paying attention to much else, and then that went askew and I was just sort of floating around unanchored for a while.  But I’m trying to grab hold of loose ends and tie everything back together.

When last I posted, I had just had my first weigh in with Weight Watchers.  As of my last weigh in, I was down 12.6 lbs, which I am super proud of.  I missed going last week, and probably largely because of that, this week has been an eating fest.  So weigh in tomorrow isn’t going to be pretty, but I’m ready to face it, conquer it, and get things going in the right direction again.

So what threw me off my good intentions?  More or less, I joined a gym.  And 2 weeks later, this happened…


I ended up with a partially torn tendon in my right ankle.  I don’t think I actually injured it at the gym.  In fact I don’t know where I injured it.  But injured it is, and I’m stuck in this boot for a month with a hope and prayer that it heals the tendon so I don’t end up having to have surgery.

An aside about the gym… that is part of the reason I haven’t been posting here.  I feel like I’m spending money on Weight Watchers and the gym, and that isn’t super frugal.  But a dear friend told me to not feel guilty about the money I am spending on my health, because it will save me money in the future if I get my health under control now.  And while there are some cost-free options for getting in shape, the primary reason I joined this gym was to use the pool.  On top of the torn tendon in my ankle, I have tendinitis in both feet and in my back, and the only kind of workouts I can do at this point are in the water where some of the weight is taken off and it’s easier on my body.  Before joining the gym I was trying to push ahead and walk and things, despite the issues, and they were getting worse.  So I finally accepted that if I wanted to engage in physical activity and build my physical fitness, at least for now, it’s going to have to be in the water.

And for the couple of weeks I got to go to the gym before the tear, I was enjoying it.  I was doing water aerobics and water Spin class, and just doing some walking in the water.  I postulate I may be part mermaid, as being in the water has been my favorite place to be since I was a young child.  I’ve always loved to be in swimming pools, though I don’t actually have proper swim technique.

Since the tear, in the boot is how I spend 99% of my time.  The time this isn’t spent like that is spent like this…


Laying stranded on the futon and not getting up to walk or put any pressure on it.  As you can probably guess, this has thrown a monkey wrench in my gym routine.  Luckily my gym is awesome, and they agreed to suspend my membership for the month of June if I brought them a note from my doctor saying I couldn’t use gym equipment due to injury.  The doctor was happy to write it, and I got that easily taken care of.  So at least I’m not having to pay for this month that I am missing while my ankle heals.

Since the injury we have also been doing a lot of eating out to avoid standing on my ankle and cooking.  But getting back on track tomorrow, that’s going to stop.  The doctor said that as long as I have the boot on, and am not in severe pain, I can do basic daily activities like cooking and grocery shopping.  So I’m going to do just that!  It’s going to be a lot of really simple, low effort meals that don’t involve much prep time or kitchen work, but they’re going to be home cooked, healthy meals.  Fortunately we’re coming into summer where healthy produce is cheaper and more plentiful, and requires less work.  And blessedly, Hubs will happily take on much of the tasks of cooking as long as I tell him what needs to be done.  So we can, and will, get ourselves back on the right path with that.

The next few weeks, while I’m still all booted up, are going to be a game of finding the easy, healthy, frugal meals we need.  Fortunately we didn’t break our habits of not spending much money on entertainment, we still get most things free from the library or other free sources.  Once we’re back to cooking, we’ll be doing well again!

For anyone that’s the praying sort, please throw up a prayer or two that this boot heals my ankle and I don’t need surgery.  Hope everyone’s having a great start to June!

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