Celebrating Another Year!


Yesterday was my birthday.  38th, to be exact.  Birthdays aren’t really a big deal around here, but I did have a nice one.  My first request was to settle my craving for a strawberry margarita, which I did over lunch at a Mexican place.  The margarita was as good as it’s been in my craving fantasies lately, and because it was a late lunch {happy hour!}, it was cheap to boot.  Hubs and I NEVER get alcohol at restaurants but I did enjoy my birthday splurge this time.

My “gift” this year was to do a little bit of redecorating in the living room.  But of course I didn’t do it by going out to home decor stores and shopping til my heart was content.  I started out with 2 oil-on-canvas paintings I found on Craigslist for practically nothing.  From there I scoured the thrift shops for other things to round it out.  I got some silk flowers on sale 50% off and made my own arrangement, and ordered some very well priced black out curtains in blue to go with everything.  All in all, I spent very little and the room feels fresh and new.

It took several days to pull it all together, despite the fact it wasn’t actually much work.  Because of the injury to my ankle, I was restricting myself to only looking in one thrift store per day, and only for things for the living room, so I wasn’t on the foot and ankle too much.  And then, of course, I had to sweet talk Hubs into hanging the wall art and changing the curtains for me.  Luckily he’s wonderful and did it with a minimal of complaint.

I had a big box of birthday gifts from my mom to open yesterday that included such guaranteed-Cat-favorites as a new purse, books, color books, and perfume.  I felt so spoiled as I just kept pulling out gift after gift.  And despite the fact I wasn’t in the mood to dress up to go out for my birthday lunch, I wore my White Diamonds perfume with my book club t-shirt and jean capris anyway!


My birthday ended with a visit from the Margarita Fairy.  I joked to a friend that I wished a Margarita Fairy would show up at my house bearing just one more strawberry margarita to close out my birthday, and half an hour later a friend asked to stop by and came bearing this.  She knew I’d been saying for weeks I wanted to go out for strawberry margaritas and when she was at CVS picking up some prescriptions, she saw it in the cooler and thought I needed it for my birthday.  It was actually surprisingly good, considering it’s a canned margarita, and I enjoyed it down to the last drop!  I enjoyed her company immensely too, as Hubs had to go to work and I would’ve been spending the rest of my birthday alone if she hadn’t popped in.  Bars and clubs aren’t really my thing and it was nice to just spend the night chatting with a friend in my living room instead of trying to go out somewhere   and being tempted to spend money!

And today, after the festivities of margaritas and Mexican food, I’m back on track of living healthy and not spending money on alcohol.  So far today I’ve eaten well, including a big homemade salad for dinner.  We did the rest of our grocery shopping today and managed to do that very frugally.  We didn’t need a whole lot and we got some great prices.  Now we’re stocked up for the week, to cook and eat healthy meals at home.

Now I’m ready to count down until bedtime.  It isn’t even 9 pm and I’m already tired.  Such a party animal.  Hope everyone is having a good weekend so far!



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