Frugal Seasoning Mixes and Lazy Cats

I mentioned in yesterdays blog that I was going to look up a recipe for a homemade taco seasoning mix because I knew I could make it cheaper than I buy it.  When I found the recipe I wanted to use, I realized I could also cut the sodium in it, another big win.  I used this recipe from The Country Cook to make my taco seasoning.  It seemed like a good, basic recipe that made a fair amount of mix, so that I wouldn’t have to make it too often.  I did actually have all the spices in the house as well, but not in the quantity I needed some of them {chili and onion powder}, so I went to Dollar Tree to get the ingredients and a little bowl to put it in.  I followed the recipe exactly, except for cutting the salt back by about 1/2 tbsp.

I shook it all up in the little bowl, then added the label I had created for it…


Since I thought the label I created for my taco seasoning was uber adorable, I decided to create labels for the other two homemade seasoning blends I currently have and use.  The first is this rice seasoning blend and the second is the Greek spice blend from this link.  I use both those blends a LOT.  The rice seasoning blend is just a great, all purprose mixture to season some rice as a side dish to go with a marinated chicken dish or other main entree that needs a good side.  It has a similar taste to some seasoned rice packs for a fraction of the cost.

And the Greek blend is good on everything from chicken, to roasted vegetables, to rice as well.  Very handy to have around if you like Greek food as much as we do!  Here are the two labels I created for them…

Obviously I am NOT a graphic designer… and also have no colored ink… so they’re pretty basic, but I feel like they jazzed up the containers a little.  I just put some clear packing tape over them to tape them on and I think they’ll be good to go for a while.  I looked up some other rubs and blends on Pinterest today and may mix up some more to create cute labels for in the coming days.  Especially a delicious sounding shawarma one I came across.  I love shawarma.

I got a response on yesterdays blog about how to process and store some of my over-growing herbs, so that’s on the to-do list for the next couple of days.  Tomorrow is hopefully Weight Watchers and the farmer’s market, but we’ll see where my pain levels are.  I was in bad shape today but hoping for a better one tomorrow.

And in closing, a lazy, handsome, napping Beto.



  1. Good morning, I’ve been making taco mix for years and it’s so good. I also like the less salt factor.
    One year for friends Christmas gifts, I made a huge batch and put it in small jars. Everyone liked it ❤️


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