A 9 lb Monkey Wrench…

Saturday evening, our friend that lives in our apartment complex came over.  She visited for a couple of hours and left when Hubs left for work.  After they were gone, I got myself ready for bed and laid down.  I only laid there for a bit before deciding I wanted a drink, so I got back up.  When I got up, I discovered Ginger had had bloody diarrhea.  I sort of panicked right away, and of course it had to be on a Saturday night, the one night of the week when her vet’s office wouldn’t be opening the next morning at 8 am.

I tried to tell myself she’d be fine, and that I’d set an alarm to wake myself up when Hubs got off work the next morning and we’d take her to the Vet ER then.  I laid back down for about 10 minutes before realizing she was up, passing more blood.  At that point I really panicked and thought… okay, I can’t leave her all night bleeding every 10 minutes!

That meant frantically calling Hubs at work to see if he could come home.  My anxiety doesn’t allow me to go far at night by myself under the best of circumstances, and with a sick dog I was worried about and the ER being across town, that wasn’t going to work very well.  So he left work and walked home and we loaded her up and headed straight for the ER.  I was a ball of nerves on the drive, with the combination of her being sick and the fact I’ve gotten out of the habit of driving at night and it was 12:30 am.

We got her to the ER and they had someone come up and do an immediate evaluation.  She said she didn’t see anything that indicated Ginger needed to be rushed back, and that they would call us back as soon as they could see her.  That made me feel a bit better, but I was still scared.  After a short wait, we went back and the vet came in to see her.  He said he’d recommend doing some blood work to be sure it wasn’t some kind of organ problem, as she’s 9 years old, and we agreed.  The blood work came back fine and his exam of her didn’t show any problems, so he said it appeared to just be some GI upset and told us we would try treating her outpatient.  They gave her some fluids, an injection, and sent us home with meds to give her twice a day, along with instructions to be on a bland diet.  He said if the problems continued into the next day to bring her back, but he felt like she would be okay.

IMG_20180617_182759_497.jpgAfter all this and we were released to take her home, I was so very relieved.  I was so scared something terrible was going on and that we were going to lose her.  My anxiety make me think the worst about situations like that.  As you can see from the photo taken at the vet, she looked fairly calm and handled things better than I did, I think.  To be honest, with all the worry and fear about what might be going on with her and the possibility of it being something serious, thoughts about what the bill would be were really only in the back of my mind.  But once we were released, it was time to pay it.  We went up front to get the total and settle it, to the tune of $430.  To be honest, that was actually less than I had feared, since it was an ER visit and they did all that testing.  Still, though, $430… ouch.  That hurt.

So we put it on the credit card at the moment and will transfer enough out of savings to pay it off before the bill comes due.  That’s a big chunk of savings gone, but that’s what savings is for — emergencies.  And being at the Veterinary ER at 3 am definitely qualifies!

20180618_131450.jpg  This is her today, sprawled out on the pillow, on the futon, soaking up the A/C.  Since they gave her the medication at the ER, she seems to have been okay.  She isn’t too keen on running around a lot outside, but I think that’s owing to the 100 degree heat index more than anything else.  Her appetite is good and she seems like her normal self now.  She’s enjoying her bland diet of rotisserie chicken, and chicken baby food to get her to take her pills.  So while I am not thrilled that we are out $430, I am so deeply, truly thankful that she seems to be okay.

20180618_182521.jpgNeedless to say, even more than before, we need to be frugal.  Fortunately we were stocked up with groceries to cook at home, and had picked out some easy things that Hubs and I could do as a team with me mostly sitting at the dining table, helping as I could.  {Hopefully a week from tomorrow I’ll be done with this boot!}  Tonight’s dinner was delicious, and frugal.  We had some chicken breast we got on sale, which we seasoned with a Greek seasoning blend.  Hubs made a box of generic mac and cheese, and we steamed some veggies with a bit more cheese to go on the side.  It was quick and easy, and the chicken with the Greek seasoning was amazing! And while the mac and cheese isn’t health food, we didn’t add butter or anything to it, so it wasn’t as bad as if we ordered food in, as had too often been our habit recently.  All in all, I’m pretty happy with it and inspired to do just as well tomorrow!

And for tonight, I’m going to check out a new frugal living blog I came across and relax until Hubs goes to work and I go to bed.  Hope everyone got through their Monday unscathed!


  1. Oh bless your baby’s heart. We do what we have to do to keep these babies of ours healthy, don’t we? Our three are becoming geriatric dogs these days, and need more vet attention too. I’m glad your baby is feeling better and it wasn’t anything life threatening!


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