The Uber Frugal Month Challenge, Yummy Dinner, and A Bonus $10

I’ve mentioned before on my blog that I’m a big fan of the Frugalwoods Blog.  In fact, I’m a bit fan-girlish about them, as the things they’ve accomplished are pretty monumental.  Twice a year, Mrs. Frugalwoods runs what she calls their Uber Frugal Month Challenge, in January and July.  It’s been since this January that I’ve gotten all caught up on their blog, so this July’s challenge is the first one I’ve been caught up to participate in.  I got an e-mail today saying it was happening, with the invite to join.

What is the UFM, you ask?  Well my very condensed version is to say it’s a challenge where you spend as little money as possible for the month, to maximize your savings, and truly see what you HAVE to have to get by.  But for a better explanation, or to sign up, go here.

When I got the invite I was torn between excited to do it, and not so thrilled at knowing how difficult it would be.  But I talked to Hubs about it and got him on board, and that made me feel better.  Then I convinced my Bestie to do it with me, and now we are all locked and loaded.  I’m really looking forward to it, though I DO know how difficult it will be.

If anyone else would like to do the UFM, I know Mrs. Frugalwoods would love to have you, and I’d love to be your UFM buddy too!  Head on over here to sign up, and if you want some extra camaraderie outside Mrs. Frugalwoods’ e-mails and the Facebook page, let me know you’re doing it and we’ll do it together!

So after signing up for the UFM, I was feeling pretty pumped to use up a lot of the food we had in the house and make a delicious, low cost dinner.  I think we accomplished that tonight.  We had some chicken breast, broccoli, zucchini and bell pepper.  We cut all that into bite size pieces, mixed it with a roasting marinade of veggie broth, olive oil and homemade Greek seasoning, and roasted it…


To go with it, we cooked up some bulk-purchased rice in the rice cooker, also seasoned with Greek seasoning and with some feta added in after it was done.  I must admit, the dinner was delicious, and with all the fresh veggies and chicken breast, fairly healthy, too!  Everything had been bought on sale and the veggies are all in season, so we got great prices on it and it made an amazing dinner perfect for an {almost} summer night.


And one last thing I wanted to share before I close.  Via Passionate Penny Pincher I became aware of Top Cash Back, a rebate shopping site that currently has this free $10 at Walmart offer going on.  Basically you sign up for Top Cash Back, spend $10 or more at Walmart, and in approximately 14 days you will have $10 credited to your Top Cash Back account, which you can transfer to your PayPal or checking account.  I took the opportunity to get some new undies that were $12 something, $13 something with tax.  I will pick them up in store to avoid shipping fees.  I needed some new undies, and with the free $10 rebate I will get, they will cost me $3.  Can’t beat that!  So if you need something from WM, this is a great deal!

And now I will stop blathering on and read for a few minutes before it’s time to wake Hubs for work.  Hope everyone had a good Tuesday!


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