Friends Are Awesome, So Are Libraries, and A Splash of Summer…

The past few days I seem to have gotten lost in a world of entertainment.  First I had a book to finish for a discussion I’ll be leading Tuesday night.  Then Hubs and I watched a movie together on Thursday night.

20180622_192348.jpgOn Friday I was ready to start a new book, but I decided I was in the mood for something different.  I’ve been reading pretty much exclusively cozy mysteries for months now, but I had a hankering for some sci-fi.  I recalled the Half Price Books gift card one of my besties gave me, so Hubs and I decided to go take a look and see if anything tickled my fancy.  I found a small pile of choices, all at great prices because it was a used bookstore {although not as great as SOME used bookstores}, and I came out with 4 new treasures and half my gift card remaining.

1038.jpegI also decided I wanted to feed my nerd side and tackle the Marvel Comic movie universe.  I’ve seen a couple of the films, but I wanted to start at the beginning and see them all.  This resulted in a trip to the library to get the first Iron Man.  We got lucky that our branch is one of the ones that had a copy in stock currently, as apparently this is still a rather popular movie!  Hubs is a movie buff and will happily watch most any movie, any time, even if he’s seen it {he has}, so he was more than happy that I had this sudden urge to start watching Marvel Movies.  And this is a craving I can feed without spending one red cent by getting all the movies from my library.  I’ve said this before, I know, but it bears repeating… if you have not recently checked out the media section of your local library, it might be worth a look.  Both the library on the old side of town and the one on our current side of town have extensive collections of movies, and music too if you still listen to cds.  And if your library works with other library systems, there will probably be few movies you couldn’t get a copy of if you were willing to request them and wait.  I’m the first to admit… waiting stinks… but you can’t beat the price!  We used to have the subscription where we could have physical copies of movies from Netflix as well as streaming but after we discovered the movie sections at the libraries, we dropped it and haven’t missed it.

20180623_164225.jpgAnd in closing… something else I’ve mentioned before, and will probably mention again.  I’m still jazzed to have outdoor space.  Before we moved in January 2017, we lived in a secured access building where our door opened into a hallway and we had no patio or balcony.  So I still get pretty excited about things like doormats.  I won’t pay much for them though, because the pretty designs on them don’t last long and it just isn’t worth it.

But when making our grocery list for this week, I saw that Aldi had summer themed ones on sale for only $6.99.  I decided immediately we had to have one to spruce up our front door, but I didn’t imagine they’d be so cute!  I love things with ice cream pops on them, and this one is so bright and colorful.  I have already gotten $6.99 worth of happiness out of it, and it brings some cheer to our doorstep.

And in ACTUAL closing, I’m going to settle in with “2001: A Space Odyssey” and probably finish reading it tonight.  Hope everyone’s having a great weekend!

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