Broken Parts…

outofservice Not me, per se, but my ankle.  I saw my doctor a couple of days ago about the possibly torn tendon in my right ankle.  I’ve been in a walking boot for a month and he had hoped that would fix whatever was wrong.  Alas, when I went back there was still swelling and tenderness to the touch, though less so than when last he saw me.  After he looked at it some, compared it to my other ankle, and pushed on it to make me say “OW” a few times, he decided he still thinks it may be a torn tendon, and that he feels an MRI is necessary.  Also, while he said I don’t have to wear the boot all the time anymore, he said if I was going to be doing very much walking I should still wear it.  And for short walking ventures I should see how I tolerate not wearing it.  So, that wasn’t really the answer I was hoping for but at least I get a partial break from the boot.  I was hoping not to need an MRI, as the deductible is going to cost a fortune… but if he feels it’s necessary, then I will do it.  I don’t want to NOT do it and have him be right and make the situation worse by carrying on as though nothing is wrong.

So, obviously that’s not good frugal news.  But, it is what it is and I’m just grateful I have insurance to cover the majority of the costs.  What we have to pay, we will just have to take a hit and pay.  It will be worth it to either find there’s a problem and get it fixed, or to know I’m okay and it’s just inflammation.  Better safe than sorry in this situation, I think.

Today was farmer’s market day, and since the market we go to in Upper Arlington is fairly small, I decided to test out not wearing the boot and see how it went.  It seems to have been okay, and we got some yummy produce for this coming week.  I love being able to go there and buy locally grown, better-than-the-grocery-store produce every week.  In fact, it’s just about the ONLY thing I like about summer.  Mostly I’m not a fan.  But I do so love fresh from the farms produce, especially peaches and tomatoes.

Our produce haul reminded me of a money-saving task I’d been putting off.  Several months ago we got BluApples, but they were in need of refills by now and I couldn’t remember to order them.  Finally it occurred to me, and while ordering them I came across these drawer liners also designed to keep produce fresh.  Since we grocery shop once weekly {or during farmer’s market season, go to the farmer’s market once weekly on Wednesday and go to the grocery store once weekly on Thursday}, having things to extend the shelf life of produce makes it easier for us to buy everything we need at once, AND reduces the amount of produce that spoils before we can use it and gets tossed away.  The BluApple refills and the drawer liners are a small investment compared to the money I know they will save us!

Tonight I need to make our menu and grocery list, in preparation for starting Uber Frugal Month on Sunday.  I saw in the Costco ad that there are a couple great deals this month, but I’ve yet to look at the other ads.  Much preparation to do, to be sure that we are ready.  Since grabbing a sandwich or something from a restaurant while we’re out won’t be an option, I gotta be sure to plan enough food to eat 3 meals a day, or at least 2 solid meals and some snacks.  For some reason, that’s easier said than done for us.  But I am determined!

And with that, I am off to prep and plan.  Hope everyone had a happy Hump Day!


  1. It is awful how much some medical things cost, isn’t it?
    I broke a bone on the top of my foot when my husband away at training and our children were 1, 3 and 4. I had to wear a hard plaster cast for 8 weeks- and we moved during all this. No idea how I got through all that.

    I hope your foot is all better soon,


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