Happy July!

IMG_20180628_232542_591.jpg We seem to be celebrating the arrival of July around these parts with ice packs and cat naps.  My ankle is still giving me a lot of trouble and swelling grotesquely if I do much of anything, so I’ve been relegated to spending time in repose with some frozen veggies on it.  In this particular instance, Beto was on the arm of the couch when I decided to ice it and he was bound and determined not to move, so we shared.  The upshot to the icing is that the heat has been horrible here, especially with the humidity, so coming in and putting frozen vegetables on an overheated and swollen ankle has actually felt pretty lovely.

Over the last week, Hubs and I have talked about what we could cut back on for Uber Frugal Month.  The idea is to cut back EVERYTHING that isn’t a necessity, but we didn’t go quite that far.  We did eliminate several subscription services for the month of July, though.  While we do use those subscriptions, we decided we could find alternatives for at least one month.

20180629_161125.jpgSo Hulu went, as did Spotify.  Just after cutting Spotify, I found out about YouTube Music and the first 3 months are free, so I signed up for that to take the place of Spotify.  BUT I also cut back our data plan for our phones, which means no playing music in the car.  So to keep me company while I’m out driving, I hit up the library for some cds to play.  I’m not a fan of the radio, but these guys will keep me entertained and I can switch out for new ones weekly when we go to the farmer’s market.

And thanks to a heads up from The Passionate Penny Pincher and the Costco ad, we found out about a great deal on these guys…


We didn’t have a good canister set, and more than once we’ve had to throw out bags of things we’ve opened and let go bad because we didn’t have a proper way to store them.  So now, problem solved.  We can buy things like beans and lentils from the bulk bins and store quinoa and other grains after we open them.  We semi-reorganized the pantry Thursday night and put some of them to use.  Some of them are still empty, awaiting purchases of bulk bin goods…


I’m pretty jazzed about our recent food-saving editions of BluApple refills, produce preserving drawer liners, and these canisters.  Food waste is one of our worst sources of money bleeding, so anything we do in service of stopping that will pay for itself, I am positive.  Not to mention we won’t be putting more spoiled food out to go to the dumps and damage the environment.  Win-win-win all the way around!

And in closing, Happy Canada Day to my Canadian readers!  I hope you’ve had a great one!  I hope everyone else has had an awesome weekend as well.

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