Happy 4th, Fellow Americans!


Red, White and Boom
Photo of Columbus’s 2018 Red, White & Boom show. Note I did not take it, if you hadn’t figured that out. Photo credit goes to DeToto Entertainment

20180704_185635.jpgHappy Independence Day, for those of us celebrating in America!  Is this one a big holiday for you?  It’s really not for us, namely because all the celebrations are outdoors and it’s always so depths-of-hell hot, and this year is no exception.  The heat index was 101 earlier, that’s toooooo hot for me.

We always have burgers on the 4th, and I had hoped we might be able to grill them, but we decided the heat was too much.  So we made burgers, corn and baked beans in the house and had them for our 4th of July dinner.  Frugal and tasty.  The beef was local ground beef that’s extra lean and extra tasty, and the corn turned out to be some of the best we’ve gotten in a long time.  I considered getting things like potato salad and cole slaw too because I love them, but Hubs doesn’t, and I don’t need to eat all those creamy salads by myself.  So we kept it super simple with burgers, corn and baked beans.  {Normally I would make the baked beans from scratch, but with my injured ankle and lack of cooking ability, we bought a can from Aldi.  They were pretty good.}

As for the traditional 4th of July celebration, fireworks, they are not much loved at my house.  Here is the story of how my two babies react to them…

Ginger lays half underneath Hubs trying to hide from them, while Beto just curls up in a ball and doesn’t care.  Last night’s fireworks didn’t go on too long, but tonight is actually the 4th so it may be worse.  Hoping people won’t shoot them off for too long.  I know there are a lot of scared puppers in my townhouse complex besides Ginger.  And probably some cats, too.  Not to mention all the wildlife critters around here that are no doubt terrified.  So fingers crossed for not too many boomies tonight.

In other news around here, it looks like my plants are working on a bumper crop of peppers….

The dark green ones are California Wonder bell peppers and the yellowish ones are Yellow Belle bell peppers.  There are a LOT of peppers on the Yellow Belle plant, it was just hard to photograph them.  So I think these two plants are going to pay for themselves many times over with the peppers they are producing, not to mention the sheer happiness of plucking and eating plants I grew myself.  I’m pretty limited with my container gardening, but I’ve got peppers!  Grow little fellers, grow!

And now I’m off to read a book I got from a friend for $1.  I had been looking for this book for a while and was even having trouble getting it through the library, so I was jazzed to get it from her a week or so ago.  {Before Uber Frugal Month began.}

Hope everyone has a great Independence Day, or a great Wednesday night, whatever it is for you!

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